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Our Story So Far

Waters Atelier is a luxury custom clothing brand that has been creating custom hand-tailored wardrobes for high profile executives, professional athletes, and celebrity elite since 2013. 

We house thousands of on-hand fabrics sourced from the finest mills in England, France and Italy, this enables our company the ability to provide a faster turn-around service.

Waters Atelier only employs the top stylists and designers in the fashion industry. Our clothing stylists will help you cultivate individuality through your wardrobe and create a style that articulates your own image. 

Whether it be you are conservative dresser or an elite trend setter, we take you to the limits of your comfort level. 

Our stylists merchandise and coordinate all of the clothing to make dressing effortless for you when trying to match colors and patterns. We are the professional image company that handles all aspects of your wardrobe, which is an integral part of who you are and the image you are trying to express to the outside world. 

Waters Atelier’s hand tailored, custom wardrobes are designed exclusively to fit each client’s lifestyle from causal to formal.

Waters Atelier infuses the expertise of our design team, the craftsmanship of our Master Tailors and the finest fabrics in the world with your personal style and comfort level in mind. We understand the impact of being impeccably dressed and the necessity to establish each client’s own unique image and brand. Waters Atelier’s old world approach and new age design offers a distinct look that redefines style.


I always loved to create wardrobes for our clients lifestyles- It’s not just about custom suiting; it’s a whole curated experience with a one-on-one consultation.


Whether it be at our clients home or if we do an office visit- We like to take inspiration from the art on their walls, the architectural design of the home, to the type of automobile in the driveway that shuttles them around

day-to-day, and last but not least, their profession.

It's not just clothing, it's a lifestyle, we're painting a picture.


As always we will carefully analyze your physical profile and take into careful consideration of any feedback you provide while creating a fitted garment that is custom-made

specifically for you.

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