Keeping things simple with our appointment process is always key, one on one between Clothing Stylist and Client. 


We curate wardrobes for our clients lifestyles- It’s not just about custom suiting; it’s a whole curated experience with a one-on-one consultation. 


During the first appointment, we take full body measurements and photos of your posture, shoulders and overall build. We will go over different styles of suiting that will compliment your specific build. 

Then pick out a selection of a wide array of different cloth patterns and textures, whether it be Italian Cotton, Wool, Linen or Cashmere.


Our second appointment will be the first Try-On of your clothing. For a full suit, there will be minor adjustments and finalization of the Jacket and Trousers,

ie: Finishing the hem on the trousers and the jacket sleeve length. Since everyones measurements are different, we always make sure the final measurements are to your satisfaction.                                             

Delivery, we will do the final Try-On of your garments, providing that the clothing is 100% to your satisfaction, we are all done and the clothing stays with you to wear for years to come.
Now that we have all of your exact measurements on file, our next appointments will run a bit different.
All we have to do moving forward is pick out the fabrics, styles and buttons for your custom clothing.
See you in 6-8 weeks for delivery